Trust in God in 2012 and see the difference it could make

So here we all stand at the start of another year, 2011 is over and 2012 is ahead of us.

None of us fortunately know what is in store for us yet, but what we can be sure of is that there will be times of joy and sorrow, times of pain and pleasure and life and death. Of these things we can be certain.

It is also sure that there will be great celebration for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and of course the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the many local and personal opportunities we all have for celebrations.

For most of us life will go on as usual. Although we do not know what any of us may face we can be assured that God’s promises will stand firm as they have over the years.

If we are prepared to accept them in our own daily lives bringing us a new and vital dimension for what we have to face. In the Bible we read in John 1, Gods promise to us. “Let not your hearts be troubled, trust in God, also in Me (Jesus).”

My grandfather, in the last discussion I had with him before he died, said to me ‘put your trust in God and you will not go far wrong, I can honestly say it has not done me any harm in my life.’

I can only commend it to you. Put your trust in God for 2012 and see the difference it can make in your life.

I’m going to finish with some words from the musical, Carousel, where the lead character returns to earth from heaven to give some advice to his errant daughter who is full of doubts and fear about her future on the day of her graduation.

“Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you will never walk alone.” The rest is your decision.

Happy new year and may God continue to be with you and bless in 2012.

John Farrington