Turbine Winston passes the test

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

Winston the wind turbine, built by Severn Trent Water at Newthorpe, is now fully operational and producing renewable energy.

It is now helping the company reduce its reliance on electricity from the National Grid.

Winston has now completed its site tests and has been brought in to full operation.

Winston is one of four wind turbines installed in the East Midlands by Severn Trent.

Martin Dent, the company’s renewable energy manager, said: “Bringing these turbines to life will generate renewable energy for the next 25 years, and we look forward to when all four wind turbines are turning later this year. Now all we need is for the wind to keep blowing to enable us to produce as much electricity from the turbines as we can, no matter what the weather.”