Tuxedo Charlie no longer sick as a parrot

Charlie the Parrot shows off his outfits to companion Tulip.
Charlie the Parrot shows off his outfits to companion Tulip.
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Local celebrity, Charlie the parrot, has cemented his position as a fashionista thanks to a new addition to his wardrobe – a tuxedo for special occasions!

The ecclectus parrot, of Eastwood, who has a passion for woolly jumpers, has an entire wardrobe of outfits — as revealed by the Advertiser.

Charlie the Parrot in one of his new outfits.

Charlie the Parrot in one of his new outfits.

Now he can also glam up thanks to the tiny dinner suit, which will be reserved for special trips out, including an open day at Lawrence Veterinary centre in Eastwood on May 19.

Owner Rebecca Blagg said: “It’s for best. It’s going to be his posh one!”

Charlie’s love affair with knitted goods began after he was discovered badly starved and neglected.

Rebecca came to his rescue and as part of his recovery she knitted him a cardigan to stop him plucking his feathers out.

After appearing in the Advertiser, the bird found world-wide fame and has been knitted 12 new cardigans by bird lovers over the last few weeks, taking his collection from five to 17. Charlie so attached to the outfits he has refused to have his cardigans taken off – squarking and flapping his wings whenever anyone tries.

Rebecca, who lives in Wood Street and has 120 rescue birds, has now taken in a second traumatised parrot, and has loaned it one of Charlie’s jumpers to see if it helps.

Jacob, an African grey, is badly traumatised like Charlie was and is biting away at the flesh on his chest.

“I thought instead of putting a collar on him, I would let him borrow one of Charlie’s cardigans to stop him ripping holes in his chest,” said Rebecca.

“It’s much kinder than putting a collar on. It means he can still move about.

“He seems to be getting on okay with it. He has not batted an eye, I think he quite likes it!

“I just hope he doesn’t get attached like Charlie. One prima donna in the family is enough!,” she added.

Rebecca will be hosting her very own ‘teddy bears’ picnic’ open day in July where Charlie will be sporting a jumper with a teddy bear on.

She has a second open day planned for October and is hoping to get Charlie a Hallowe’en-themed jumper in time for it.

The bird lover will also be at the Brinsley Headstocks in September and the town’s Christmas light event, to help her raise money to pay for bird food. A facebook page has now been set up for Charlie where you can get all the latest news on his wardrobe additions and Rebecca’s open days and fundraising events.