Under-threat group is moving forward

Members of the Movement For All group, pictured with their guests. Photo: Peter Jordan.
Members of the Movement For All group, pictured with their guests. Photo: Peter Jordan.

A community group for the over-60s in Brinsley, destined to close down following Broxtowe Borough Council’s withdrawal of vital funding a few years ago, has been revived by dedicated officials who have played a part in its success.

From its humble beginnings in 2008 with just a handful of members, the Movement For All classes based in Brinsley Parish Hall have reached new heights, with more than 30 people now in attendance.

Chairman Anne Sheldon, treasurer Sheila Powell and secretary Norma Riley are among those who fought to save the group, which receives admirable support from Carla Henry and Charlotte Tomlinson who help to run sessions.

The classes are designed to help members build-up their confidence, fitness and to maintain their independence.

As well as endeavouring to meet the needs of its members the group reaches out to the vulnerable, lonely and infirm people in the community the provision of a transport by way of a mini-bus is invaluable to those who need it.

“Movement For All is basically sessions of dancing and exercise which breathes new life into older bodies,” said Norma Powell.

“We have fun, offer friendship, and after the classes we share in conversation while enjoying refreshments.”

To mark the ending of a successful year members held a festive party and among the special guests in attendance were Broxtowe’s Mayor Stan Heptinstall, Eastwood councillor Keith Longdon, Selston councillor Gail Turner and Brinsley councillor Valerie Wakeling.

Sessions takes place at Brinsley Parish Hall on Mondays between 10am and noon. Each session costs £3 and newcomers will be made very welcome.

For further details, contact Sheila on 01773 763 299.