‘Up in arms’ after footpath is blocked

Footpath closed of Main Street Newthorpe. Colin Ivorson at the closed gate.
Footpath closed of Main Street Newthorpe. Colin Ivorson at the closed gate.
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Residents are up in arms after a neighbour built a gate blocking off a public footpath they had used for 50 years.

The footpath in Newthorpe runs from Main Street across the fields – but two weeks ago Richard Maher, whose house runs alongside the path, put up a locked steel gate preventing access.

Colin Ivorson’s 83-year-old father-in-law used the footpath to visit the grave of his late wife, and is said to be ‘traumatised’.

Mr Ivorson, of nearby Baldwin Street, said: “He is 83 and a couple of times a month if the weather is okay, he manages to walk across the fields to the churchyard. He has done it for a couple of years now – ever since his wife passed away.

“He is quite traumatised about it. He’s been quite upset.

“The only way he gets to go to the church now is if we drive him.”

The footpath also joins up with other pathways so has stopped walkers accessing Main Street from more than direction.

Mr Ivorson, who lives just off Main Street in Baldwin Street said neighbours were ‘up in arms’.

“There’s a lot of people who walk dogs over those fields. It has got people up in arms.

“I look after dogs for several people myself and that was one of my regular routes.

“These footpaths have criss-crossed these fields for years. I’ve been walking them myself for 40 years.

Mr Maher said he was led to believe the path went through the farm next door.

But the farm owners, who did not want to be named, said they built Mr Maher’s house themselves, and they had documents to prove it goes past his property, and had done so for 50 years.

Nottinghamshire County Council said the matter is being looked into by their legal team, and becasue of that they were unable to comment.