Urgent action is needed now to ensure a Brexit deal

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

Readers of this column will be familiar by now with my stance on Brexit, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

I have long stood by the position that we must respect the referendum result and leave the EU with a deal that works for the UK as a whole.

I have been working with the cross-party MPs for a deal group which believes strongly that we cannot leave with no deal because of the harm that this would cause our economy, our industry and our citizens.

We have urged the government to publish the draft withdrawal deal that was produced following talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn earlier this year, hoping that this could form the basis of a deal that would pass in parliament.

However, the government has refused to do so.

Now I am one of 19 Labour MPs who has jointly written to Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, and Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, calling for urgent action on Brexit.

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We have asked the commission, the EU27 and the UK government to work night and day to agree a deal that the UK Parliament can vote on before the October 31 deadline.

We have asked for there to be flexibility on both sides so that compromise can be reached and a deal agreed, and so we can achieve an orderly exit from the EU and continued co-operation going forward.

This is crucial to avoid a damaging no deal Brexit.

I believe that everything possible needs to be done to avoid another extension to Brexit negotiations, because this will only add to public division and dis-enchant-ment. This whole negotiating process has already gone on for far too long.

The group of Labour MPs of which I am a part believes that we now need a deal which provides for future co-operation with the EU, protects the rights of EU citizens living here and upholds workers’ rights and environmental standards.

If such a deal can be brought back to the Commons this month, we believe that it serves Britain’s national interest to approve it, and our votes will be decisive in determining whether that deal is approved.

Gloria De Piero is the MP for Ashfield.