Vandalism fears at ex-Badgers ground

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Fears have been raised that the former home of Eastwood Town Football Club could become a magnet for vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The Badgers were locked out of the Coronation Park ground by landlords Broxtowe Borough Council over allegations of unpaid rent of more than £45,000 and mounting debts.

Simon Matters (pictured below) is hoping to bring football back to Coronation Park.

Simon Matters (pictured below) is hoping to bring football back to Coronation Park.

They have since left their league and are in limbo, with the club’s liquidation expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks. Attempts are being made to form a new club to play at the ground (see back page).

The ground has stood unused since February and Notts County Council have withdrawn the safety certificate.

Padlocked fences have been put up around part of the perimeter.

But a concerned resident contacted the Advertiser to say trespassers had forced back part of the fencing and he fears there will be more vandalism or even an arson attack.

The former Badgers fan, who asked not to be named, said: “At the back of the main stand you can see bits of it (fencing) have just been pulled off and chucked aside.

“There are tins of paint that have been thrown, traffic cones and the fences that have been pulled back just mean more vandalism is going to occur.”

He added: “Someone could be seriously hurt. It’s a mess and the problem is things like this have a habit of escalating.”

A spokeswoman for Nottinghamshire Police said that they were aware of general bouts of vandalism in the area.

“We are currently looking into the isse and are working with the owners to come up with a solution for the site.”

“We are also working with the council to ensure the ground is secure to prevent trespassers.”

A spokesman for Broxtowe Council said: “The council is working to ensure that the site is as secure as possible to prevent anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and looking at ways that the ground can be brought back into community use again.

“The council welcomes any expressions of interest from any organisations who would like to operate at the site.

“The council has an open mind and is willing to consider a wide range of ideas to help bring football back to Eastwood in the coming months.

“If anyone would like to put forward a business case, please contact Ricky Stevenson at Nottinghamshire Football Association.”