Vandals leave nowhere to watch game

NEAALM110602F1 - Cllr Brian Griffin with the damage done to the Bowls club
NEAALM110602F1 - Cllr Brian Griffin with the damage done to the Bowls club

VANDALs smashed the windows of the bowls pavilion in Eastwood leaving spectators nowhere to sit and watch the game.

Club president Brian Griffin said it was ‘another act of mindless vandalism’ and he could not understand the mindset of the yobs who did it.

“Why do they do it? I can’t understand what gets in their heads,” he said.

“It’s another case of mindless vandalism.”

People sit in the pavilion to watch the game during the evening or if it is cloudy outside.

“There are people on crutches or sticks or whatever who want to go and watch the game,” he added.

“It’s used by a lot of people and now it’s going to have to be boarded up.”

The pavilion is due to be refurbished in October at the end of the season, so the windows will remain boarded up until then to save the council forking out twice for new windows.

“For the rest of the season now people can’t sit in there and watch the bowls. And the season only started three weeks ago,” he said.

Mr Griffin, who has been club president for 25 years, said he was tired of the vandalism in Eastwood.

“It’s something the public use and care for and they have taken it away. It’s like they don’t want people to have nice things anymore.

“They always target the nice places – where people walk their dogs, take their children to play or have a picnic.

“It’s all the lovely nice things. And it’s like they want to take it away from them.”

Broxtowe Borough Council’s plans to refurbish the pavilion in October, include new toilets and disabled facilities.