Vandals wreak havoc on Basil Russell playing fields

COUNCILLORS are up-in-arms over vandals wreaking havoc on the Basil Russell playing fields in Nuthall.

In the latest incident yobs ripped up lime trees recently planted and adopted by children at the village's Larkfield's Primary School.

Nuthall parish councillors rang the police after rose bushes were pulled up on Wednesday and within half an hour of officers leaving, the trees were vandalised.

Furious Nuthall Parish Council clerk Sue Stack said there have been six incidents in as many weeks. Oak trees have also been targeted and fences have been damaged.

She said: "I'm absolutely irrate. I was on the field this morning clearing the mess and I had two kids asking me what had happened to the trees. I'm really not looking forward to telling them all what's happened.

"It's continual. You cut trees down, plant another one and they just do it again. This is not young kids, it's vandals.

"We've tried tying wire around them, putting in big wooden stakes but nothing makes a difference."

Ms Stack has contacted Cllr Derek Burnett, who represents the area on Broxtowe Borough Council, to contact police at Eastwood and try and get the problem sorted.