VIDEO: John Lewis Christmas advert released

Joe and Moz the Monster
Joe and Moz the Monster

The eagerly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017 has been released and this year's campaign features a young boy and his imaginary monster.

The advert tells the story of seven-year-old Joe who forms a friendship with a seven-foot monster called Moz who is living under his bed.

The pair have so much fun in the evenings that little Joe starts to fall asleep during the day as he's so tired.

For Christmas, Joe receives the perfect gift of a night light which helps him finally get some peace and quiet from Moz, and a good night’s sleep.

But Joe and Moz's friendship doesn't quite end there.

The advert will be first shown on TV tonight at around 9.30pm on Channel 4 and on all of Sky's own channels at around the same time.