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Ever fancied writing for your local paper and website? Well, now is your chance because we are looking for guest columnists and Neighbourhood News correspondents.

We feature our regular columnists each week — from the police and firefighters to our local MP.

A front page from the Eastwood Advertiser

A front page from the Eastwood Advertiser

But we aim to add an extra feature called Readers View, which will feature a guest columnist – you.

So if you think you can pen something on a local or national topic, then get in touch.

It might be you have something to get off your chest - it might be about a major development in the area, like proposals to build 600 new homes around Kimberley, or you might want to simply say how good something in the area is.

It could be on a national topic. It might be the cuts to the benefits system and council budgets or the future of the health service.

If you think you’d like to be a considered as guest columnist then get in touch with the editor by email at or call 0115 9446187.

We’re also looking for more writers for our Neighbourhood News page as we’d like to extend our coverage. And we need you to help us as you are out and about attending clubs and groups in the Eastwood and Kimberley area and can tell us all about what they are up to.

You might be a member of a friends’ group or social club and we want you to drop us a line on what you did at your latest meeting.

You can include up and coming meeting dates, events and outings and we’d love you to send in pictures from your meetings that we could also use with your articles.

You can submit your reports to - make sure you mark it Neighbourhood News and include your day and evening phone numbers.

You can call the editor to discuss writing a report on 0115 9 446187.