‘Vile’ culprit ‘devastated’ our families

Taylor Brown plays with his new kitten, Chester, after his last cat, Vernon, was poisoned.
Taylor Brown plays with his new kitten, Chester, after his last cat, Vernon, was poisoned.

Five cats have been poisoned and killed in Eastwood and families say they have been left “devastated”.

The beloved pets were all intentionally poisoned in Princes Street and neighbouring Albert Street and distraught families say their children have been “ripped apart” by the callous crime.

Dominique Godfrey, who lives in Princes Street, had two of her three cats, Smudge and Timmy, poisoned.

She broke down in tears as she described how it had devastated her family.

“It’s absolutely devastated us.

“Our other cat is lonely now as well becasue he doesn’t have his little play mates anymore.

“It’s had a big impact on us.”

The 23-year-old, who has two children, called the person responsible “vile”.

“It’s disgusting that someone can do that. They are vile people.

“They’re not just pets, they are part of the family – espcially when you’ve got kids. You look after them like your own kids.”

Dominique said she first noticed her cats had “wobbly legs”.

She said they were “meowing like they were in pain” and suffered fits on the way to the vets where they were immediately put down.

Laura Brown, who lives further down the road, bought her family cat Vernon for her eight year old son, Taylor, to cheer him up after he had been through a difficult time.

The cat was just one and a half when it was killed and Laura said her son was “in bits”.

“It was comfort for him during a bad time.

“This has totally ripped him apart.

“He was our family cat. How anyone can do this just beggars belief. It’s disgusting.”

Laura, of Princes Street, said she first started to notice something strange when Vernon was hanging his head low in his basket.

“I got him out and his legs just collapsed from under him,” she said.

“It was like he was drunk. He couldn’t stand. He just couldn’t keep his balance and kept falling. At one point he curled up into a ball and started having seizures. It was just horrendous to watch,” she said.

Laura took the cat to an emergency vet who confirmed it was anti-freeze poisoning, and said the cats kidneys had failed as a result.

Taylor, who goes to Eastwood’s Hallpark Academy, said he misses his cat.

“I feel very sad about it all and I miss him.

“I feel sad about the person who did it and don’t understand why they won’t apologise for what they’ve done.”

Two other residents living nearby also had their cats killed with anti-freeze.