Voters ready to hit the polls

Ballot box
Ballot box

Voters are going to the polls next Thursday (May 2) to decide who will be elected to Notts County Council for the next four years.

In Broxtowe borough, there are candidates from the three major political parties – Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats – vying for your vote. But alongside them are Green Party, UKIP and BNP hopefuls too.

The county council is currently run by the Conservatives, but could that be about to change?

Eastwood candidates are Sue Bagshaw (Lab), Laurence Herniman (UKIP) Adrian Limb (Con), Keith Longdon (Lib Dem) Alex McConnell (BNP).

In Kimberley and Trowell: Robert Davidson (UKIP), Charles Kirwan (Green), Helena Lings (Lab), John Longdon (Con) and Ken Rigby (Lib Dem)

In Beauvale: Josie Forrest (Lib Dem), Vincent Gilbert (UKIP), John Handley (Con), Beth Hewis (Green), Edward Llewellyn-Jones (Lab) and David Wright (BNP).

In Nuthall there are Dawn Elliott (Lab), Philip Owen (Con) and Simon Rood (UKIP).

We will be at the count on Friday May 3 to bring you updates and the final results via