Walker Street School in Eastwood

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This is form 3a from Eastwood Higher Council School in Walker Street, back in 1933.

The photo was taken the year the school opened.

Among others, pupils pictured include Edna Worrall, Marjorie Chambers, Joyce Bilby, Lucy Robinson, Ivy Norman, Freda Smith, Nancy Rowley, Joyce Akers, Clara Heal, Stella Marriott, Dora Neal, Edith Brown, Winnie Beaver, Jessie Meakin, teacher Enid Moult, Irene Flecther, Betty Broadbent, Margaret Wykes, Maud Taylor, Lauren Vamplew, Mary Purdy, Lilian Bradley, Enid Fretwell, Eileen Constable, Joan Cheeseman and Monica Humphries.