Warning over children’s diet


New survey results released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) reveal kids in the East Midlands are turning their backs on fruit and veg in favour of snacks loaded with fat, salt and sugar.

Nearly one in three secondary school kids (29 per cent) in the region is indulging by eating sweets, chocolate and crisps three or more times a day. And almost half of children surveyed (41per cent) also admitted they normally drink fizzy or energy drinks during the day.

In contrast, nine in 10 kids (85 per cent) surveyed in the East Midlands were not eating the recommended five portions of fruit and veg each day. In fact, children were more likely to have crisps at lunch (48 per cent) than fruit (33 per cent).

With a third (33 per cent) of children in the East Midlands aged 11 to 15 now overweight or obese(2), the BHF has revealed the worrying survey results as it launches its Food4Thought campaign, aimed at helping to tackle childhood obesity in the region.

Five-a-day seems to have a whole new meaning for some young people in the East Midlands. They are consuming an alarming amount of fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate and crisps as a regular part of their daily diet.

The BHF has a range of information available to help children lead a healthier lifestyle. Visit bhf.org.uk/junkfood for more information.

Victoria Taylor

Senior Dietitian, BHF