Warning over high-tec gadgets

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Cops have issued a warning after a ‘vast’ number of vehicles were broken into with ‘high-tec’ devices across Kimberley, Nuthall and Watnall.

The vehicles – broken into throughout January – have shown no sign of entry or damage and police believe a gadget is being used to remotely unlock the doors.

Police are now warning drivers to remove all valuables from their cars.

PCSO Neil Reddish said: “Following a trend seen across the country it is thought the thieves are using gadgets which can remotely unlock car doors and disable alarm systems.

“Once a car has been unlocked it takes these thieves just a few moments to take what they want before leaving without a trace.
“This is a relatively new method of car crime and we are doing everything we can to stop it and to track down the offenders responsible. My advice for now is to ensure there is nothing of value for the thieves to steal.”