We all must act with dignity


I have gone on record as agreeing that the business of Eastwood Town Council should be conducted in the council chamber, not in the pages of your esteemed publication.

However, my eye was caught by a letter from “Name and Address Withheld” in your last weeks edition, concerning the town council meeting of February 13, and my conscience has prompted me to respond.

What dismays me above all is the conduct of some councillors reflects so badly on all of us. I cannot say that I saw the gesture that is referred to in the letter; had I done so, I would like to think that I would have been as horrified as the letter writer and that I would have responded.

I do hope that the councillor who made the gesture is ashamed enough of their action to issue a public apology.

I also hope that all councillors will take time to consider their actions within the council chamber and recognise that they were elected to work for the people of Eastwood.

Over 1,000 people voted for me to become a councillor for the first time last May; this is something I am immensely proud of.

I am not sure that I always represent those people as well as they would like, but I am sure I always try to.

I note that the letter refers to the Town Mayor, Ken Woodhead. You will be aware that I was, for a few short weeks, Deputy Mayor.

I only chaired one council meeting during that time, but I can tell you that it is an extremely difficult task to control the meetings, one that Ken takes on with his usual honesty and fairness.

All councillors should join Ken in making sure that we handle ourselves with dignity; town council meetings are a public forum and the people of Eastwood expect to not see us behaving like children.

Cllr Ian Stevens