We deserve road improvements


I was interested in “The lorries should use A610 bypass story (Eastwood Advertiser, April 27).

Whist I applaud the efforts of local councillors to improve road conditions along Dovecote Road, messing around with a few road signs will not solve the main problem.

The fact is, as acknowledged, Eastwood and surrounding district has an under invested, outdated Victorian transport network.

Eastwood itself now has a disproportionate number of supermarkets and thankfully retains some much needed industry, all needing constant supplies to flourish.

Add to this the constant creep of new housing adding to the problem. In the article, assumptions are being made as to the destination of heavy lorries.

My question is where are the heavy lorries coming from? Traffic leaving junction 27 M1, destination Eastwood/Langley Mill, would presumably pass through Brinsley.

My conclusion would be the source of traffic is from Hucknall and off junction 26, M1 and the snarled up Nuthall island via Watnall.

In my experience, motorists travelling from Hucknall to the Erewash valley area don’t head for the Nuthall island to use the bypass.

Kimberley is a bottleneck and Maws lane is a nightmare.

The traffic ends up on Dovecote Road and through Newthorpe village.

Traffic coming off junction 26, M1, heading for Eastwood have the choice of negotiating the Ikea islands and passing nose to tail through Guiltbrook or using the bypass approaching Eastwood via Derby Road or Watnall.

One helpful improvement, would be to make better access to New Eastwood off the north bound carriageway of the bypass. One thing is certain, restricting traffic is not the solution.

Perhaps the councillors could start to lobby for a programme of road building and improvements.

The long suffering ratepayers of this area deserve nothing less.

John Armstrong