We don’t need another Tesco


Another nail in Ikeston’s coffin!! I refer to the article in the Advertiser (March 1) regarding the new One Stop opening.

Why have Tesco been allowed to open another shop near the town?

They have now got the whole town covered from whichever end you approach it, with the convenience store on Nottingham Road, the superstore in the town and just a couple of miles away the one in Heanor.

This will hit many of the small shops in Cotmanhay and Ilkeston.

Don’t people realise that once they have put all the other small shops out of business, they can do what they like and put prices up.

I’m sure there must have been other shops who would have liked to have opened a business there or maybe it was all cut and dried with the council as Tesco are a very powerful company and have ways of getting what they want.

People ought to start waking up and use the few remaining local shops before Ilkeston becomes a ghost town of charity shops and pubs.

As someone once said to me, Tesco stands for Taking Every Shopping Centre Over!

Carol Clarke

Milford Drive

Shipley View