We don’t need housing estates


I think that Broxtowe’s idea to build more housing estates is terrible. It would be better if they used these spaces for young people of all ages, to keep them on the streets so they have something to do rather than get into trouble.

Housing estates usually have people living on them that receive benefits and which usually brings no respect.

The street where I live is just next door to the planned area at Broxtowe, and I would hate having all of those houses built.

I walk my dog on this nice open space where I can let her off and throw her sticks.

If they keep getting rid of places like this, pretty soon Eastwood town will be more like a city, overgrown with buildings blocking out the sun in summer and no nice outdoor spaces to enjoy.

They have just built a lot around these areas – down near Ikea, up on Smithurst Road and at the top of Chewton Street (where the old Raglan pub used to be), surely that is enough?

We managed without it before and we sure can do without it now.

Amie Page

Walker Street