We had no say over allotment


In last week’s article ‘Council defend allotment decision’ Cllr Susan Bagshaw stated ‘the council’ looked at Mr Martin’s case very carefully.

For the record, the decision was ‘cut and dried’ before councillors met at the full council meeting on the 26th March.

At the said meeting I tried to make several points and defend Mr Martin and my query to the Mayor ‘Are we going to discuss this item at a later meeting’ was in vain.

There was no vote taken! At the previous meeting which was a leisure and maintenance meeting it was left for a further discussion at the next full council meeting (in the minutes if one cares to check online) and decided by some (again no vote taken) that Mr Martin would be asked to produce a ‘doctor’s note’ to prove he was fit and able to care for his allotment.

I never saw the original letter sent out to Mr Martin telling him to vacate his allotment so one can only presume that this decision was sanctioned by the leader of the Labour group Cllr David Bagshaw.

This is an example of the sort of things that are taking place at the council and what some members of the Labour group call ‘working together’.

After being inundated with phone calls and emails following the first report in this newspaper on Mr Martin’s case, I felt ashamed and humiliated to be a member on this so called ‘caring’ council.

I found myself defending the council and the decision taken even though I’d played no part in it!

The report referred to council, as in, council as a whole although a lot of this council are totally in the dark.

If actions like this continue I will endeavour to challenge the majority group whenever necessary.

In council meetings I have repeatedly stated that I want the council (as a unit) to work together, that we are a group of fifteen individuals and as such are all answerable to any decisions/actions carried out by the council.

I work for and on behalf of the community and my actions are not based on party politics.

What happens for the good of the people of Eastwood is what is most important and not where my political allegiances lie.

In response to Cllr Robb’s letter of last week; certain Labour councillors at Eastwood Town Council think that everyone should agree with their decisions and if those decisions are challenged, they then accuse the challenger of ‘not working together’! I call this dictatorship at its worst.

The leader of both groups on this council should communicate firstly, work in partnership when conversing with the town clerk (and Mayor), feedback to the other councillors, debate in full council and then vote so that all councillors are a part of any decision made.

That is what is known as working together and furthermore is non-political.

Josie Forrest

Eastwood South councillor

Braemar Avenue