We’re walking in a winter wonderland

NEAABE120206c3,  coronation park Eastwood,
NEAABE120206c3, coronation park Eastwood,

THESE snowy snaps show Eastwood and Kimberley after Saturday nights wintery showers.

Temperatures dropped and flakes started to fall on Saturday afternoon, and by the early evening roads, pavements and treetops were covered in snow.

NEAABE120208a2, frozen pond in the snow covered colliers wood Moorgreen.

NEAABE120208a2, frozen pond in the snow covered colliers wood Moorgreen.

In the early hours of Sunday morning residents in Moorfields Avenue, Eastwood, all clubbed together to clear their street of snow and ice.

Resident Sandra Bailey said it showed community spirit was ‘still alive and kicking’.

“People gave up there Sunday morning lie-in to help each other clear snow and ice away from the street and grit pensioners’ driveways.

“Everyone was in very good spirits and there were even chocolates handed around. I think this shows a true community spirit that most people think is a thing of the past but as my photo shows, when push come to shove, people will still come together to help each other when required.”

But some residents said gritting the side streets should be down to the council.

Eastwood town councillor, Brian Griffin, said he received a lot of complaints from people living on the Daisy Farm Estate, and said on Wednesday they were still ‘ice-bound’.

“They are absolutely ice-bound still. It’s absolutely awful,” he said.

“The council has had no real need to use its salt supplies up until now so they must have a lot. I would have thought they could throw more at it. It’s alright doing the main roads but people have still got to get to work off the side road and they are struggling.”

Cllr Griffin also said more effort should be made to grit Chewton Street, because of the volume of traffic using the road to get onto the A610.

“It’s a main road really because it serves the A610. It’s not gritted enough and on Saturday it quickly came to a halt.”

Aldercar Community Language College closed for the day Monday, but re-opened Tuesday.