We want better care for elderly


I would like to reassure your readers regarding some of the issues raised in your story about fears over Ladycross House Care Home (Advertiser March 1).

Our plans to modernise care for older people in Derbyshire aim to offer modern independent living for those people who wish it.

We want to offer five star accommodation where people can have their own ‘front door’ and where couples can stay together if one needs more support than the other.

We want to support people to be independent, but with on-site 24/7 care for when it is needed, together with an opportunity to be part of the community and not feel isolated.

But we realise that independent living is not for everyone so we will continue to provide specialist services, and continue to make some traditional residential home places available for those people who want them. The choice will be theirs to make.

But I must emphasise that no changes will be made about any of our current homes for older people until we have carried out full consultation with the existing residents, their families, our staff and other stakeholders.

Only after the consultation is completed and the impact of any proposed changes are fully assessed will we report the findings to the county council’s cabinet for final decisions about the future of Ladycross and other care homes.

If following consultation, a decision is taken to close a home, there will be detailed individual assessments which would give every resident a choice of options about their care in the future.

We would aim to offer residents the same level of care they receive now and will do everything possible to offer arrangements that would minimise disruption for them.

Our extra care plans aim to provide supported accommodation with on-site emergency care and a full range of services for residents.

This includes a café or restaurant, activity or hobby rooms, as well as resident lounges.

Where residents have daily care needs they will be able to choose how and when they receive their care, and can also arrange other help for things like laundry, shopping and cleaning.

I am confident that what we are proposing will meet the needs of older people in Derbyshire for many years to come.

Cllr Charles Jones

Cabinet Member for Adult Care