WEEKLY COLUMN: Keith Longdon, Neighbourhood Watch

NEAABE110622b1, Scalby close community centre, Eastwood. Cllr Josie Forrest and cllr Keith Longdon.
NEAABE110622b1, Scalby close community centre, Eastwood. Cllr Josie Forrest and cllr Keith Longdon.

I would like to thank PCSO Derek Kershaw who attended our Neighbourhood Watch meeting earlier this month.

He gave a full and comprehensive report of current policing in this area and everyone present appreciated his calm and honest manner. It was enlightening to say the least and his frankness very much appreciated.

There are now two extra PCSOs for Eastwood and Kimberley/Nuthall, which is excellent news. There is also a group of police cadets who are presently volunteers that are assisting with paperwork and providing an extra police presence on the streets. In these times of cutbacks this has got to have a positive impact. Derek went on to explain that victims of crime are now able to track their own crime and see how the investigation is going. This might seem quite insignificant to some but as a victim I would imagine quite helpful.

Following the alerts - police in Eastwood North have seen an increase in car break-ins which have not caused damage to the actual cars. Thieves are using a clever device which can remotely unlock car doors and disable alarms. Motorists are being urged to not leave their possessions in their cars for this reason. The shops in the town have seen a rise in shop theft mainly due to the absence of security guards. This is a nuisance, making the job of a shoplifter easier. A theft was reported at our local Co-op and within minutes a police patrol car pulled up outside and at least two police officers ran into the store. A security guard at the store would serve as a deterrent and save on police time but sadly this seems to be a sign of the times. We probably pay a few extra pence on our items that we purchase to account for the loss in theft which undoubtedly must be cheaper for the Co-op than a security guard!

Neighbourhood Watch use collective eyes and ears to pass on useful information to the police. Why not consider joining us – email me on keith.longdon2@ntlworld.com for a chat. Report anything suspicious – non emergency on 101 or a crime in progress on 999.