10-0697-1'Gloria De Piero
10-0697-1'Gloria De Piero

I’d like to start my first Advertiser column of 2014 by wishing everyone in the town a belated but very happy New Year. Last year, I made a very simple New Year’s resolution which was, when it comes to all of you, I must never to take no for an answer. Looking back over the past year I think it has stood me in good stead as I managed to secure some great victories for local folk. I’m sticking with the same resolution this year. Though I can’t promise I’ll win every battle you have my word that I’ll always give it my best shot, so if you’ve got a problem or an issue that needs resolving, no matter how big or small then don’t’ hesitate to get in touch.

One couple in Newthorpe who live on a private road got in touch with me a few weeks ago because they were absolutely fed up with the poor state of the road. It was so bad that every time there was a heavy downpour the uneven surface caused flooding nearby. This was an unusual case because the road was owned by a business rather than the Council but to be fair, once I got onto them the troublesome road was fixed within four days. Thank you Maplebeck Holdings.

The cold weather may not have plummeted to the temperatures of previous years but it’s still too cold to be without heating in your home. That’s why I could completely empathise with a mum from Eastwood who emailed me just before the turn of the New Year pleading for help to get her heating system fixed. Unfortunately she didn’t seem to get anywhere with the Council so I had to give them a gentle nudge and remind them there was a family without heating. It did the trick because an engineer was sent out almost immediately.

WANTED - If you’re a husband, a boyfriend, a dad, a son, a brother, an uncle; in other words a man then please keep Saturday, February 15, 11am free. Broxtowe Women’s Project are a holding a charity event in Eastwood which is a sponsored walk in heels for lads aged 14 & above and men who make a pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. One shocking stat explains why it’s so important - one in four women will experience physical abuse in their life time while two women a week are killed in the UK as a result. All proceeds will be donated to the local domestic violence agency. Call Lisa on 01773 718555 to register or for more details.