Weight restriction on road

A LORRY watch scheme has been launched in Nuthall.

A weight restriction has been put on Larkfields Road, meaning lorries no bigger than seven and a half tonnes can use the road.

The ‘lorry watch’ scheme means councillors and members of the public can report vehicles who breach the new rule, and drivers can be prosecuted

The scheme is monitored by Trading Standards and an officer turned up at a Nuthall Parish Council meeting this week to talk councillors through plans and tell them how to report someone.

He said he has already spent one day at the site, where 11 vehicles were caught breaching the new regulations.

The first time vehicles are caught the driver receives a letter, the second time a caution, and if they are caught a third time they are prosecuted.

Cllr Philip Owen wants Trough Road in Watnall to be looked at for a weight restriction.