Well-known beggar jailed for antisocial behaviour in Nottinghamshire

Crown Court
Crown Court

A persistent beggar frequently seen on the streets of Nottingham has been jailed for nine months after breaching an earlier order to curb his behaviour.

Peter James Biggins, 32, of Framework Housing, London Road, Nottingham, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment for numerous breaches of his Anti-Social Behaviour Order, vagrancy offences, outraging public decency and other offences at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Thursday January 14.

He has been told that he will serve at least six months of his sentence.

A Nottingham City Council spokesman said this sentence will give citizens in Nottingham a break from Biggins’ “antisocial” and “lewd” behaviour.

The successful prosecution of Biggins is down to the community protection city centre policing and enforcement teams.

This dedicated team of officers strive to fully address the issue of on-street begging and associated anti-social behaviour.

And the council expects other impending prosecutions will follow to secure similar convictions to protect the public from further persistent offenders who are also abusing the goodwill and generous nature of residents and visitors alike.

Councillor Jon Collins, leader of the council, said: “This is a good result for the community protection teams who have worked hard to tackle the issue of begging and antisocial behaviour in our city.

“The majority of beggars are not rough sleepers, and come to Nottingham because they see it as a lucrative way to make a living or fund their habits by relying on the good nature of Nottingham citizens.

“We continue to work with partners and charities to ensure that anyone who has a connection to Nottingham can get shelter if they genuinely have nowhere to go.