What do people's Google searches reveal about Notts?

What people search on Google about Nottinghamshire reveal some interesting assumptions about our area...

Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 2:08 pm
What do people's search terms about Notts reveal about their assumptions on the area?

It's amazing what can come up if you Google yourself, but another popular trend has been Googling areas to find out what people think about them.

In fact there's been a fashion for years to draw up 'auto-complete maps', where you use Google's search function to reveal what people have been searching, giving a rough idea of their ideas, stereotypes and assumptions about your hometown, county or country. A recent map of Europe labelled by UK Google results, for instance, branded the French as anti-Semitic, Lithuanians as basketball lovers and pondered why so many Slovenians wear headphones...

For England, users asked why we have so many accents, why we drive on the left and why we want to leave Europe.

The Google Instant results are based on what other people have searched for, as well as how content in webpages is indexed by Google.

Some results are understandably upsetting. Some are a little worrying. Some are just silly.

Here's a list of the best, worst, and most revealing examples from around our area. Some of them won't surprise you.

Nottingham: is called Shottingham / a dump / dangerous / full of fun

Worksop:Has a train station / it's not for you / is full / is in Yorkshire

Mansfield: The worst place to live / rough / largest town in England?

Ravenshead: Expensive

Southwell: Not a city

Shirebrook: Rough / What county is it in? / Where Jason Statham is from

Retford: Rough / near Lincoln

Ashfield: Is it safe?

Newstead Abbey: Haunted

Eastwood: Racist (We think they mean Clint...)

Beeston: Safe / nice

(Results found by searching: Why is Mansfield... / Does Eastwood... / Worksop is... / Nottingham people are.... etc.)