What is the point of sign?


RE: The giant (Swedish?) cats of Giltbrook.

I am surprised to see so little by way of reportage in your fine publication on the apparent new problem to blight the Giltbrook area: giant, marauding cats. Why else, I ask myself, would a large-scale feline scratching post (under the guise of a locality sign for Giltbrook) be erected at the end of Pinfold Lane?

Naturally, questions of unnecessary budgetary spending by myopic bureaucrats spring to mind. However, we should be more concerned by the overall look and feel of this new structure, which was deemed so very vital for the area.

Did Ikea sponsor it, I wonder...

We cannot deny that Ikea, as opposed to DH Lawrence, has unfortunately been largely responsible for putting Giltbrook on the map over the last ten or so years, but why erect said new sign using the seemingly obvious remnants of an Ikea shelving unit flat-pack?

I look forward to the Swedish multi-national taking full credit for this fine accomplishment as soon as practicable.

And to do this well before the timber-metal thieves make the most of this easy picking. Or an over-excited cat for that matter too.

Elsie Knoblock