What the new role will aim to look at

MDB091102b5'Main street Kimberley.
MDB091102b5'Main street Kimberley.
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Hopes for the future of our struggling town centres are to rest on the shoulders of a new town centre manager, councillors have revealed.

The role is hoped to give a much-needed boost to Eastwood and Kimberley’s main shopping streets and fill some of the towns’ increasing number of empty shops.

The councillor in charge of regeneration in planning at Broxtowe Borough Council, Cllr David Watts said he hoped the move will have the same positive effect on the towns that the BID project has had in Beeston.

“I was on the High Road in Beeston recently and now there are only four empty shops, thanks to the BID project,” he said.

“If we can do the same thing in Eastwood and Kimberley that will be fantastic.”

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson said he hopes the manager will work together with businesses and town councils for the good of the towns.

“I welcome it – we will be able to have a co-ordinated strategy with one person who can get things moving,” he said.

The role will enable proper discussions to take place about future developments such as at the former brewery site and a possible tram extension to Kimberley from Nottingham, he added.

Broxtowe was awarded £100,000 from the Government’s High Street Innovation Fund after it was listed as one of the 100 boroughs with the highest numbers of empty shops.

About £35,000 of that cash is to fund the manager, who will also look after Stapleford.