Widespread fury at housing plans

MORE than 200 people turned out to two public meetings in Nuthall and Greasley over plans to build on greenbelt land.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry chaired the meetings where she said there was ‘wide spread anger and opposition’ to the plans to build hundreds of houses on the greenbelt land.

Along with several other councillors, Cllr Philip Owen made a slide presentation identifying the suggested sites in the north of the borough.

“There was a lot of anger at both meetings,” he said.

“One because of the potential allocation of land and two, because people feel that Broxtowe Borough Council is behaving in an underhand way, not notifying people and not letting them have their say.”

Cllr Owen said people were particularly annoyed the Moorgreen Show Ground had been chosen as a suggested site after it had been thrown out at inquiry a few years back.

“There was a lot of anger expressed that the Moorgreen site had come up again – just a few years after an inquiry inspector said it was unsuitable to build on,” he said.

The councillor said both Nuthall and Greasley parish councils needed to work together to throw the idea out, as they did last time.

The main sites being suggested in the area are land off Woodhouse Way near Assarts Farm, land to the back of the Ayscough Estate off New Farm Lane, land off Main Road in Watnall including the Moorgreen Show Ground and land either side of the B600 past Greasley Church.

Walker Street School in Eastwood is one the suggested smaller sites.

The Broxtowe Conservative group called the meetings in Nuthall and Greasley because it did not feel the borough council had done enough to inform the public.

“The council has consulted with the public via its website and in the libraries, but I rarely go into the library,” Cllr Owen said.

“The whole thing has been a compete shambles from start to finish.”

But a spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council fought back saying the presentations held at town and parish council meetings by housing officer Steffan Saunders in October were all open to the public.

“We did organise a series of events including ones at Greasley and Nuthall. They were widely advertised on facebook and twitter, in several newspapers and on our website.”

Broxtowe Borough Council will now meet some time over the next month where ‘preferred sites’ will be allocated, and there will be a public inquiry early next year.

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Cllr Owen said the Tory group will organise more meetings after sites have been chosen.

Broxtowe Borough Council is planning to build 6,000 houses in the borough between now and 2026. About 4,000 of these will go on greenbelt land because there is only enough brownfield sites for 2,000.