Wildlife lovers win a battle over bats

Wildlife lovers won a battle for bats over plans to build 20 homes on a paddock.

Developers must carry out a survey for the creatures before work can start on the site off Pinfold Road, Newthorpe.

Earlier checks failed to suggest there were any animals which have legal protection - but this was rejected by neighbours.

Pinfold Road resident Keith Baker offered to show Broxtowe councillors a video of bats flying through his garden in the spring and summer.

“To say there are no bats is ridiculous,” he told the Development Control Committee.

He was backed by neighbour John Goodwin, who said bats would be affected by the loss of greenery.

“The removal of trees and hedgerows will seriously harm birdlife on the site,” he added.

The pair outlined their concerns over loss of privacy and added traffic dangers on Pinfold Road, with Mr Baker saying:”It used to be for taking sheep up and down at one time.

“It is not much wider now but there is much more traffic.”

The committee voted in favour of allowing the 20 homes. Eight will have two bedrooms and ten three bedrooms. The remainder will each have four bedrooms.

Cllr Lydia Ball said:”I am very concerned about traffic on Pinfold. At a site meeting, I suggested traffic calming.”

Cllr David Watts, who chaired the meeting, said the site would help the area meet its target of providing 6,000 homes.

He added:”The speed of the traffic is a worry.”

Planning director Steve Dance said the site had been earmarked for housing for a decade.

A mature oak tree has legal protection but a long hedge could be removed from one side of the site, which stands above nearby homes.