Wind turbine plan deferred but residents step up fight

A DECISION on whether a wind turbine should be put on Erewash Valley land near Giltbrook has been deferred a month because of the borough elections.

The decision on the controversial 400ft wind turbine was due to be made in May. But because there will be a new panel of councillors on the committee making the decision, it has been delayed a month until June.

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson said it would give the committee time to ‘properly consider the decision’.

The application for the wind turbine on land off Halls Lane was submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council at the end of last year.

But concerned residents in surrounding villages say it will blight the landscape and could cause health problems and shadow flicker.

Two public meetings have been held over the last two weeks about the plans – one in Kimberley and one in Awsworth.

Wind turbine experts and representatives turned up to the Kimberley meeting to tell residents what to expect, and following the Awsworth meeting this week, resident Phil Streets decided to distribute leaflets warning people about the plans.

Mr Streets said: “Our number one concern is health, because the turbine will be so close to so many people and there are health concerns highlighted by medical professionals.

“Our second main concern is the visual impact. This turbine will be seen for miles.

“There are other problems too – wildlife, noise, property prices.

“We just want people to know they can have their say on this issue.”

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