'Winter is coming': Police give advice to motorists ahead of cold weather

Winter safety
Winter safety

Police have issued driving advice to motorists ahead of winter weather.

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire Police said: "Evenings are getting darker as we get closer to the winter months and the clocks go back overnight (Sunday 29 October 2017 - when clocks go back by one hour at 2am), therefore we want to remind you how you can stay safe on the roads."

Nottinghamshire Police's cold weather driving tips

Ensure you check your fuel, oil and water levels, check electrics and make sure your tyres have sufficient tread before setting out.

Check your lights and brakes are working effectively, including the handbrake and the fog lamps.

Ensure your heaters are working and you have added antifreeze to your radiator and windscreen washers.

Please allow extra time during winter weather and keep a closer eye on pedestrians, cyclist and horse riders and take extra care when making journeys.