Woman stole money that she had demanded in return for stripping off

NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.

An Eastwood woman stole from a friend after he refused to hand over money in return for her taking off her top, a court heard.

Drug addict Denise Winson, 34, of Wellington Street, was asked to strip off by Paul Mallet when the pair were together at his home on nearby Victoria Street on Monday, March 14..

“She demanded money and when this was refused, she took his wallet out of his pocket,” David Allan, prosecuting, told Nottingham Crown Court.

“There was a minor struggle and she left with £15 of his money before going back to her home address. The police were then called.

“There is history between the two. She has given money to him on previous occasions.””

Winson pleaded not guilty to a charge robbery, but guilty to theft. She is to be sentenced on Thursday, June 9 after the preparation of a pre-sentence report by probation officers.

Her barrister, Digby Johnson, mitigating, told the court that Winson suffered from depression and was being regularly tested for her drug use.

“There are also issues involving social services and the care of her two children who are with their natural father at the current time,” Mr Johnson added.

In agreeing to the adjournment, Judge James Sampson told Winson : “The court is not looking at an immediate custodial sentence. You obviously have a drug addiction and it may be that addressing that is the way forward. But it is vital that you co-operate with the probation service.”

Winson was granted bail on condition that she does not contact Mr Mallet and stays away from his home.