Worksop boozer arrested in arson-hit home

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A boozer in Worksop was arrested when he returned to his home while police were examining it after an arson attack, a court has heard.

Carl Thomas Deakin, 34, of Ely Close, admitted obstructing a police officer at his home address on June 25.

Chloe Griggs, prosecuting, said Deakin had been told not to return home while a forensic team carried out their investigations.

“At 11am he returned to use the toilet,” she said. “He was aggressive and tried to kick down a door. He was escorted to his friend’s house and warned not to return while the examination was in progress.”

At 2.30pm he returned again and sat down on the sofa, while drunk, when he was arrested.

The court heard Deakin had previous convictions for criminal damage in September 2015, theft in July 2015, and public order and assault offences in 2014 and 2009.

Tom Oates, mitigating, said: “He is an alcoholic. He struggles greatly with alcohol. It is something he does try to battle, but the alcohol is very much winning at the moment.

“His house was the victim of an arson attack. He was taken to a friend’s house, but his friend had to go out. He needed the toilet.”

Deakin was fined £50 and ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £30.