Worksop cocaine man was “impatient” when he vandalised cop car

Mansfield Magistrates' Court.
Mansfield Magistrates' Court.

A Worksop man was high on cocaine when he grew impatient at the town’s police station and snapped a windscreen wiper from a police car, a court heard.

Nathan Gaskin, 31, of Queen Street, admitted criminal damage, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Monday.

“He believed he had been kept waiting,” said prosecutor Judith Kirkham. “He said he was having a family argument and needed to be arrested.”

The court heard he was sent to prison for five months, in June 2016, for assault and criminal damage, and owed the court £450.

Emma Cornell, mitigating, said: “He has been a drug user for the last few years after the breakdown of a relationship.

“He has now been assigned a drug worker and is now on a methadone script.”

He was given a 12 day prison sentence, suspended until he pays off the outstanding debt to the court.

For damaging the wiper, he was fined £93, with costs of £85 and £30 compensation.