World Food Day events


One in six of us, at least 925 million on Earth, are hungry according to recent staistics.

A new report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation highlights climate change and the limited availability of productive land and water, all of which threaten food production at affordable prices.

Price changes represent a major threat to food security in developing countries. Hardest-hit are the poor.

Oxfam research has also revealed that food prices in the UK have been rising at well over twice the rate of the incomes of the poorest.

The World Bank, states that in 2010-2011 rising food costs pushed nearly 70 million people around the world into extreme poverty.

Action is urgently needed. Continued lack of funding of agriculture by rich and poor countries alike, is probably the main single cause of the problems, particularly in developing countries.

The share of official development assistance which rich countries earmarked for agriculture has dropped 43 percent in the last 30 years.

We need to address the question of global hunger not only as one of production, but also as one of social justice.

We live in a world in which we could produce more food than ever before and in which the hungry have never been as many.

Oxfam’s GROW campaign says it’s time to build a future where everyone always has enough to eat.

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Gurvinder Sidhu

Oxfam Midlands