Would you cope as lone diner?

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As we have begun a New Year after our festive celebrations with our families, have we spared a thought for those around us living on their own?

Sitting in a coffee shop with a few friends, I glance across the room and spot a lady on her own, quite happy to sit peacefully reading her book with a coffee.

This made me wonder about whether she was alone at home also, not quite sure why that thought came to me. She then ordered some lunch and again, sat eating it quite happily.

My friends and I were having a lovely time catching up on all of our news and sharing anecdotes of our full lives and festive celebrations. I then caught the eye of the lone diner and she gave me such a lovely warm smile.

After she had left and went on her way to her unknown existence, my friends then slowly started to leave one by one. I decided to stay and have a coffee on my own.

The tables then turned on to me. I became the lone diner surrounded by couples and families and groups of friends chatting and having a lovely time.

Had I been wrong to think of the lady as living all alone? Was she just the same as me and having some quiet time out of her busy day?

That day seemed to show me lots of people around me on their own, walking dogs, driving cars, on the bus, and in the supermarket.

I know that we often do errands on our own, but we have families to return home to. How would you cope living alone?

Would you get out and about or stay home alone? Would you feel it rude if people wanted to “take you under their wing”.

The film, Shirley Valentine comes to mind, when the annoying couple want her to join them for dinner and outings. But are we being intrusive if we ask the same or drop in on a neighbour who lives alone?

I personally think that we should all spare a thought for people who we know who are on their own and without patronising them, include them in our lives in some way.

It is a fine line, but we could all be on our own at some point and a friendly face could cheer up someone’s week.

So, next time you are fortunate enough to have a quiet coffee on your own, just imagine what it would it be like to live a solitary life.

Cherish what you have and reach out to those around you that would enjoy some company and a chat.

Until next time......