Yobs cause ‘mindless vandalism’

Cllr Shane Easom and Cllr Steve Brunt put up hanging baskets for colourful Kimberley.
Cllr Shane Easom and Cllr Steve Brunt put up hanging baskets for colourful Kimberley.

Youths in Kimberley have ripped hanging baskets off their brackets and destroyed them just days after they were put up as part of a project to improve the town.

Kimberley Residents Association and the town council spent months co-orindtaing the work for the Colourful Kimberley Project, organising for more trees, plants and flowers to be planted across the town in time for summer.

Colourful Kimberley project

Colourful Kimberley project

But within two days of the work coming to an end youths destroyed one hanging basket, leaving soil and flowers scattered on the floor, and stole another.

A spokesperson for the residents’ association said: “It’s just mindless vandalism. I’m tryng to make Kimberley a lovely place and they are destroying it.”

The baskets were damaged outside the Bargain Booze shop in the precint area some time between May 27 and May 29.

The precinct is renown for anti-social behaviour, so the baskets were a way of improving the image.

The spokesperson, who did not want to be named, said it was about more than the cost.

“It might look like two simple hanging baskets but we’ve been working really hard. The difficult bit has been negotioating with people. We’ve had to jump through hoops with Health and Safety for example to put them up, making lots of calls There’s also the donation from Wilkinsons – they donated ten baskets. So there’s been a lot of work and involvement getting these.

“I just can’t believe it. It all finally comes together and they get ripped down.”

The hanging baskets were next to a CCTV camera so police are now looking at the footage to see if they can catch the culprits.

The spokesperson said the project will ‘march ahead’.

“It won’t stop us. They’ll be replaced and the perpetrators will be caught. The Colourful Kimberley Project will march ahead.”