Yobs rip newly planted trees up

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Trees planted in an Eastwood park with tax payers’ cash have been ripped down yet again by vandals and locals have described it as ‘sheer vandalism’.

Yobs pulled down three newly-planted maple trees at the park in Mansfield Road, where the council said there had been ‘repeated acts of vandalism to trees’.

One was left dumped in the town’s memorial garden, one near Morrisons, and the other was left near the park itself, sticking out into the road.

Neal Bridges described the culprits as ‘morons’.

“They’ve got no respect for anyone or themselves. They are morons.”

The Mansfield Road resident said it was a gross waste of tax payers’ cash.

“Council tax is dear enough without the council having to replace trees just because someone finds it funny to rip them down.

“The council spends our money putting them in and then they get vandalised.

“These mature trees cost a lot, and it’s the council’s time and effort putting them in as well.

“Someone must have kept swinging and pulling at these trees because they’re quite sturdy – they’re about 15ft high,” added Mr Bridges.

“I get rather upset at the thought of somebody doing that,” he said.

The park in Mansfield Road is not the only place newly planted trees have been ripped up.

Trees have also been repeatedly damaged at Coronation Park.

Back in 2011 youths ripped out an avenue of trees planted by school children, and there has been several incidents since.

A spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council said: “The park has suffered repeated acts of vandalism to trees which is very frustrating and disappointing when we are trying to increase the number of trees as part of our 100,000 tree campaign and improve these public facilities.

“Each tree costs around £100 to supply and plant.

“The damage has been cleared up. We will tidy the tops of the trees and see if they start to regrow from the top.

“Anybody who is aware of the damage taking place should contact the Police.