Yobs ‘ruin the memory of our soldiers’

A bench that commemorated the soldiers who died in The Battle of the Somme has been trashed by yobs.

Grealsey parish councillors installed the bench just one year ago to remember the men from Greasley who gave their lives during the battle.

But youths have wrenched the bench out the ground and scratched the back of it.

Parish councillor Mick Brown said: “Some undescribables have decided they are going to wreck it. It’s just not on.

“All those years ago these people gave their lives willingly so we could enjoy freedom.

“And this is what they get in return. Disgraceful.

“For these yobs try to ruin the memory is just appaling.”

Coun Brown, who runs the cycle shop at Hilltop, Eastwood, said the yobs had “wrecked the ambience of a nice park.”

Greasley Parish Council wanted to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme last year, as there were three people from Greasley who died in the first few days of the battle – Arthur Pearson, Sammuel Lane and John Henstock.

Councillors put the bench in the Greasley Recreation Ground in Newthorpe last year on July 2.

Coun Margaret Handley, who is a Greasley parish and borough councillor, said: “We thought it would be a good idea. Something that looks over the area, so people can sit quietly and remember whatever they want to remember.

“The bolts were drilled down into concrete and they have brought the bolts up out the concrete, and the seat is all scratched.

“It’s awful someone could do this to such a bench, Would they have had the courage to do what the lads of Grealsey did and fight for our country?

“It’s just so sad. It’s a beautiful commemorative bench. It was only a year old and was in pristine condition.”

There are cameras around the sports centre but they don’t reach the bench.”