You can count your blessings as Spring arrives with the sunshine

I HOPE that some of you have been able to enjoy the sunshine which we have seen lately.

I have noticed that the blossom is also appearing on the trees.

A sure sign of Spring.

I was amused recently when watching a farmer on a TV programme, to see him trying to count his flock of sheep, the task was almost impossible!

Some of you who may have difficulty in sleeping may have tried the age-old method of counting sheep.

The likelihood is that this will not work.

An alternative activity when not sleeping may be to consider counting your blessings.

Often in the quiet and stillness of the night we allow worrying thoughts to keep us awake and feel overwhelmed.

Turning our attention to good things however small, can sometimes help to distract from things that concern us. Do you remember the song, ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’?

Even when things seem overwhelming or black, there is always something we can find to help us through. For those of us who are Christians we have confidence that we can share our problems and concerns with God, and know that he is there to help and guide even in really dark times.

Jesus invited us to cast all our care on him because He cares for us.

I often think of the famous footprints picture in which there are two sets of footprints in the sand.

When the prints became one set it was described as the point during which God carried the person.

As we travel through life we can never expect to go through life without encountering problems but we can put our trust in God to see us through.

Remember, the things that help us to carry on, the things that are special to us, and even the encouraging comments we may receive from others.

Alongside this is the importance of giving encouragement to others as well as receiving it.

God has given us so much to be grateful for, so remember to count your blessings. Enjoy the better weather and hopefully some sunshine!

John Farrington