You could become a real life saver

First Aid.
First Aid.
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Would you know how to help if someone was having a heart attack?

How would you react if someone collapsed right in front of you?

First aid

First aid

Could you help someone if they were choking?

These are all questions people hope they will never need to find out the answers to, but there are times when people are faced with an emergency.

According to research carried out by St John Ambulance, upto 150,000 people die each year in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live.

And while 58 per cent of people would not know what to do if faced with a medical emergency – a quarter would do nothing.

The organisation’s ultimate aim is to stop people dying when first aid could have saved their life.

In response to this, St John Ambulance launched their Save a Life campaign with the aim to equip as many people as possible with vital first aid skills.

The charity has hosted demonstrations across Nottinghamshire teaching the public how to save a life using five easy to follow techniques and handing out free pocket-sized first aid guides.

And one of our local dedicated volunteers, Anne Brewster, has set the example for others to follow.

Mrs Brewster from Awsworth has just been honoured for the remarkable contribution she has made towards providing and teaching first aid in Nottinghamshire after almost 50 years as a volunteer.

The honour of Officer Sister was presented to Mrs Brewster in the Order’s historic 12th century Priory Church in London.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “The honour recognises the dedication Anne has shown to help the charity deliver its mission that no-one dies needlessly from a lack of first aid.

“She is a key example of how volunteers can make a real impact on their community and encourage others to learn vital life saving skills.”

Mrs Brewster said: “My connection with St John led to my long career in nursing. I am delighted to be promoted by the Order of St John.”

The Order of St John is one of the world’s oldest charities, tracing its origins back 900 years to the Knights Hospitaller and the first Hospital of St John in Jerusalem in 1078.

To find out more about St John Ambulance, to join as a volunteer or to sign up for a first aid training course, visit or telephone 08700 104950.