Young dancers take home 28 awards at show

Six young dancers win 28 trophies
Six young dancers win 28 trophies

Six young dancers from Velocity School of Dance took home an astounding 28 trophies from a regional championship last weekend.

The Kimberley-based team attended the East of England Championship three-day festival at Cayton Bay, Scarborough where they took on more than 500 other dancers from schools across the country.

The dance troop included eight-year-old Cameron Buckley who won the under eight intermediate grand prix, and Alicia Haran, 12, who took second place in the under 14s championship.

Velocity’s owner Colin Chedgzoy said he was hugely proud of all six of his students for their fantastic achievement at the competition.

He added: “The dancers train really hard and now it is paying off.

“It is unusual for a group of just six dancers to take home this many trophies and to all do so well, especially as other schools were bringing 20-30 dancers with them.

The other pupils who made up the dance troop were ten-year-olds Isabelle Mason and Angel Webb, Holly Skinner, 13, and Skye Storer, 14.

Colin said he hopes they will continue to progress in dance in the future.

He said: “I hope they make the finals of big shows in the future and pursue their future careers in dance.”

All six children danced a variety of freestyle solos, doubles and trios, and competed in street dance and slow dance.

The dance school is now training for their next big competition ‘Disco Kid’ which is held in December and they are currently enrolling new students.

To join the school call Colin on 07708 800824 or email