Youngsters revel in ‘Fun for All’ event

Kimberley Parent and Toddler event
Kimberley Parent and Toddler event

Kimberley Parish Hall echoed to the sound of fun and laughter as more than 50 children and their parents let their hair down at a half-term “Fun For All” event organised by Kimberley Parent and Toddler Group.

There was barely a dull moment as former Kimberley Comprehensive scholars Jack Clarke and Ben Swinn provided the ammunition that appealed to delighted youngsters with a wide variety of games and activities.

Babes in arms,excited toddlers and primary school aged children played, danced, sang and enjoyed a fun-packed session which brightened up a rainy day.

A baby area brought together mums and tiny tots, parachute games went down a treat, there was trampoline fun an imagination train, games and an old fashioned hokey cokey session that made its appeal.

Kimberley Town Council chairman, Cllr Jim McDonald, who looked in on the special event which was co-ordinated by Roz Broker said: “This has been a lovely community linked initiative which has brought a great deal of pleasure and delight to those taking part.

“Roz Broker and her team have put a lot of time and effort into making it a fun-packed success.”

As a gesture of support to the Kimberley Parent and Toddler Group the Town Council has donated a sum of £125 to help its cause.

Organiser Roz Broker said: “Seeing so many people having fun is really rewarding and the support given to us by the council is greatly appreciated.”