Your letters: Councillors work extremely hard

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It’s been a busy week (mum of four, working part time, councillor and magistrate) – I love all my roles in life which I have chosen to do and I dedicate many hours to. I’m not a moaner, I’m a doer which is why, on top of everything else, I felt motivated (angered) enough to put pen to paper this week! My letter is regarding some recent letters I have seen on this page from members of the community.
I know that I can speak on behalf of all my fellow town councillors when I say we all work extremely hard, ARE very much part of all aspects of the community and communicate with as many people in the town as possible.
Between us we will be hand delivering thousands of newsletters this week (help with this much needed!). 
Everyone is heavily involved in various projects. We take our roles very seriously, we serve the community and that can often mean research, planning, organising – no quick fixes. 
I am currently organising a Hallowe’en party, Remembrance Sunday, Christmas lights switch-on, Christmas party and pensioners’ Christmas lunch (not instituted by the previous councillors by the way!)
I do this for free as a councillor because I enjoy event organising and it is something I believe I can contribute to the community – extra hands always welcome!
 We were all tearful and devastated recently when the Stag play area suffered an arson attack. I cannot tell you how many hours Ian Wilson and other colleagues had put into raising money, planning and co-ordinating the opening of this fantastic play park. We do have many projects on the go and we welcome the views of the community of course but we are not mind-readers.
Come along, tell us your views, ring, email / Facebook them to us. It’s the easiest thing in the world to just sit and complain and your comments, after my busy week, were very demoralising. There are places on the council, put your negativity away and come and help! “Like” Kimberley Town Council New on Facebook (or look on our website) and you will see everything scheduled.

Karen Tenant

Alma Hill, Kimberley