Amazed at MEP letter


I was amazed at the letter from Mr Derek Clark, UKIP MEP, in last Friday’s edition.

Readers of the Advertiser will have become familiar with party political bickering, but this was something else and displayed unbelievable arrogance.

To challenge his views and assumptions on education, and his childish rant on global warming and renewable energy would take a whole page.

In his last paragraph he mentions scaring the illiterate and the past exploitation of the common man. Well Mr Clark, in reference to the comic books you mentioned, it becomes clearer daily that there is collusion between politicians and the national press in peddling politically biased, unchallenged views to the common man.

To what end, one can only speculate, but getting elected may have something to do with it?

I hope my letter is published and other readers will let Mr Clark know that intelligent, literate common people, capable of thinking things out, reside in this area.

John Armstrong