Brexit - Conditioned into a nationalistic view

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I know I’m wasting my time pointing out the many benefits of the EU to people that always have their Brexit-specs on (e.g. Susan McEntee, last week); by the way, these negative-bias specs are mainly supplied, subconsciously, by the billionaires’ comics for grown ups: The Daily Mail, Sun, Express, Telegraph or Times; people are unaware they are wearing them.

These ‘newspapers’ have slowly been conditioning their readers into a nationalistic view on everything European (they don’t like the EU – they cannot influence it like they do our government – by the way, billionaires make more money when the pound devalues). The EU is a long way from perfect, as is our system – but we helped make it and have benefited so much from it. Susan says she does not see the EU parliament on TV and has not seen interviews of MEPs by British journalists. She is correct. For information and interviews on what is happening in the EU I watch Euronews TV. 
This service should have been standard free-to-air to inform the people about EU. It shows a view of Europe, and the world, that our parochial BBC seems to ignore. I do wonder why the BBC has taken this stance. 
I blame the BBC for a big part in Brexit. Over the years, it has hardly ever shown the EU’s hundreds, if not thousands, of benefits for us all. Instead, it repeats the misleading and anti-EU headlines of the popular daily papers, and fills people’s eyes, and therefore minds, with negative, and usually stupid, untrue headlines about straight bananas for example. The BBC remit is to educate, inform and entertain; it has failed miserably when it comes to the EU.

I’m afraid that the only way to remove the Brexit-specs will be painful; leaving the EU.

Clive Trussell


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