Freedom of speech?

There are times when I wonder just why some people feel ‘freedom of speech’ applies only to them.

J Shaw’s letter last month regarding the Remembrance Service was taken out of context by Cllr’s Rowley and Robb.

Anyone is free to dress as they see fit for any such occasion as a Remembrance Service and I’m quite sure the content of her letter was not to insult any ex-serviceman.

Moreover it could be construed that one had tried to upstage a fellow councillor by wearing his Probus chain.

The fellow councillor being the Mayor of Eastwood, who was representing his council.

In previous years has the President of Probus worn the chain at the service? If they haven’t does that mean they were being disrespectful to our soldiers in not doing so?

Cllr Robb put forward a justified defence of the Arcadians in his letter but then insulted the dignitaries present at the service which was so uncalled for.

He writes scathingly of the correspondent who didn’t give their name (to the letter regarding the Arcadians) and yet doesn’t feel the need to identify the dignitaries he refers to.

He goes on to insult the whole meaning behind the ceremony by referring to it as a gig!

Cllr Josie Forrest

Eastwood Town Council